The “bend” is a mirror that can be hung on the wall, or folded and placed upright on a flat surface. By sandwiching canvas between sheets of plywood as an alternative to metal hinges, the main section of the mirror serves as one large hinge. Grooves cut right to the edge of the canvas are fixed at exactly the right angle for a folding mirror. The mirror returns naturally to its flat state when picked up, a hole for a hook allowing it to be hung on the wall.



金属製の蝶番を使う代わりに、 帆布を合板と合板の間に挟むことで、鏡本体が大きな蝶番の役目を果たします。 帆布ぎりぎりまでカットした切り込みがちょうどよい角度で固定されて折り立て鏡となります。

持ち上げると自然にフラットに戻るので、穴を フックにひっかければ、壁掛け鏡になります。